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About Akara Eggology

Akara Eggology
AKARA Group history was starting from 1979, initially we start with BOILER business in Banna District of Nakhon Nayok before turning to PULLET and LAYER Farm in 1995. With the layer farm knowledge, AKARA group starting the new concept farm call “AKARA ORGANIC PARK” in year 2015 which based on the matter of:

“The happy hens can be farmed outdoor, living with the nature and growing without artificial intervention”

For AKARA Eggology, farming and eating organic free range eggs is considered a matter of good taste and brining back the nature feeling that we all willing to. At AKARA we works by following 5 visions.


  • 1

    Heartly Made

    Our Eggs from Our Farm by Our AKARA Family – AKARA Eggology

    Based on our commercial layer experience and our own PS (Parent Stock) farm, so we can confirm that “AKARA Organic Park” is one of the most complete farm process starting from beginning to consumer hand. We are caring on every step from the Day 1 Chicken and pick up every single egg to you like you grow it at your own backyard.

  • 2

    Premium Quality

    Our Organic Farm

    Healthy and happy hens, warm sunshine, clean fresh air, lush green pasture. No antibiotics, no pesticides, no artificial feed ingredient and no hormone added. Strong brown shells and rich golden yolks. 100% genuine organically farmed free range eggs.

    Our Eggs

    Strong brown shell with guarantee freshness by transporting in cool chain starting from farm to point of sales. Clean without crack and bloodspot. The eggs have naturally golden tasty yolks and firm, high quality protein albumen.

    Our Packaging

    Pack in the recycle paper pack with an attractive design. Come with variety pack size like : pack 6, pack 10 and pack 12. All packaging is made from recyclable material and made locally as much as possible.

  • 3

    Ecological Society

    Farming now need to close and be friendly to every society

    Location on our farm is all surrounded with organic plantation with 100% non- chemical process.
    With the “0” waste concept, AKARA Organic Park manage to;

    • use all of chicken manure as the organic fertilizer to plant the organic vegetable in the farm
    • grow the sweet corn and other organic vegetable to be used as our happy hens feed
  • 4

    Innovation Advancement

    Advanced farming grading and packing technology is consider “AKARA Eggology”

    Clean egg with crack free will sure guarantee in the eggology pack. Egg size were mature by the advanced load cell technology so we can confirm that all the egg will match to your need. Our technology also talk about how can we treat our hens to be happiest hens those can lay the most beautiful and flavorsome fresh eggs.

  • 5

    Sustainable Development

    Continuing development on our AKARA Organic Farm is a key improvement of our farm

    AKARA Eggology require to be certified by Organic institution by year 2017
    AKARA Eggology will walk along with you to the future with below promises that we will give

    • Premium quality egg to everyone
    • Ecological society to every society that we involved - Feel the Nature
    • The egg that made from our heart like one of your family member
    • We will not stop develop our farm to give you the sustainable healthy future for every family